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We’re not in the digital marketing business. We’re in the people business.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency that will charge you a monthly retainer to try to game search engines for high rankings on irrelevant search terms, we’re not the company for you. We prefer to work with people who prefer a healthier, more organic approach – and who see each of their customers as the unique individuals that they are.

We started Leadsforward to help people. Historically, that’s meant small business owners in Rhode Island who didn’t have time to worry about technical stuff like search engine optimization, web design, online advertising, email marketing and social media. Over time, we realized we could add even more value if we covered the process from end-to-end, helping clients to increase their revenue and not just their social media following. We believe we offer the most comprehensive lead generation services on the market. Ready for exponential growth? Get in touch.

Trevor Eddy

Trevor Eddy

Founder and CEO

Devon Eddy

Devon Eddy

Chief Operating Officer

Straight Outta Providence

Let’s do this together.

We’re proud of where we come from and we’ve made it our mission to be the go-to marketing and lead generation company in Providence, RI, and beyond.

LeadsForward was founded in 2016 by Trevor Eddy, who has over eight years of experience working with small businesses and nationally recognized brands in brand development, website design and digital marketing. In 2017, Trevor brought on his brother, Devon Eddy, as LeadsForward’s Chief Operating Officer. Trevor, Devon and their team of experienced marketing, SEO, SEM, lead generation and web design professionals are dedicated to bringing your business the attention it deserves.

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Core Values

These are the guiding principles that dictate how we conduct ourselves as individuals and as an organization. These values are non-negotiable.

Commitment To Success

We take full responsibility for your success and the success of LeadsForward’s mission.

Go The Extra Mile

We are committed to ensuring satisfaction with our clients at all times. We over promise AND over deliver.

Positive Attitude

We are committed to maintaining a positive attitude at all times.


We are committed to maintaining great health and constantly evolving mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


We have the courage to admit when we screw up, push through major adversity and keep moving forward, stronger than before.


We value being fully transparent with ourselves and others about who we are, what we want and what we need to live life to the fullest.

Our Vision

We believe in a fully measurable world, a world in which marketers only pay for lead generation if those leads go on to become paying customers. We believe in helping hungry, local, home service businesses to increase their revenue through results-driven lead generation. We believe in helping our clients to thrive, to grow their businesses and to create freedom in their lives.

That’s why we use a different pricing model than most companies. We use websites, social media accounts, paid ad campaigns, email marketing automation, CRM systems, call centers and more to generate and close leads for the businesses we work with. We also start off by only charging a small setup fee to account for our initial efforts and later a commission on closed sales from leads generated through our marketing efforts. Our clients only pay us when they get paid.

We think that marketing agencies should only make money when they earn it. That’s why we’re rethinking the way that marketing works for small businesses and working towards a future where small businesses and marketing agencies can grow in tandem using a set of shared goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help to grow home service businesses by generating high-quality leads which turn into actual customers. We genuinely want the businesses we work with to grow and succeed and our dedication to that mission is unrivaled. In fact, if we don’t help our clients to grow, we don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help small-to-medium-sized home service businesses who are hungry to grow, and we specialize in home services including general contracting, building, carpet cleaning, pest control, landscaping, paving, snow removal, tree services and more.

Our clients typically receive a 100% increase in leads within six months. Our mission is to help to generate those leads and then to convert them when the potential customer is ready to buy.

Case Studies

We like to think that our work speaks for itself. Here are just a few of the projects that we’ve been working on.

Carpet Cleaning Lead Generation

0 to 60 in three months

SEO done right.

Find out how we increased the number of organic leads to a local carpet cleaning business from zero to sixty within three months of the website launch.

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Boston Snow Removal Lead Generation

100 leads in one week

Powerful lead generation.

Learn how we helped a snow removal business to dominate the market and pick up 100 high-quality leads in the span of just seven days.

View case study
Texas Paving Lead Generation

$600K in 2 weeks

Market domination.

Discover how we generated $600K in estimates for a asphalt paving company in just 2 weeks through Google organic – no paid ads.

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