The Best Way to Get HVAC Leads

Written by Devon Eddy
Published on April 8, 2020

What's the Best Way to get HVAC Leads?

Your HVAC business is doing ok, but you have some slack time, and you're wondering the best way to get HVAC leads to fill the gap.  You need to generate more business to fill those empty slots in your schedule.  Maybe you have expanded enough to need to hire another technician, but you are just a bit shy of the number of jobs to make it financially possible.  What you need are more leads.

Lead Generation in any business, not just the commercial HVAC or residential HVAC business, is crucial to keeping the job schedule full. The problem is finding well-qualified leads.  Bad leads are not a plus. They can be a hit on your bottom line if you are chasing leads that don’t produce jobs. The goal is to generate qualified leads whether you are doing commercial HVAC or residential HVAC.

The truth is, generating qualified HVAC leads can be accomplished in several ways.   Some involve a financial commitment, while others return free HVAC leads if you don’t count a little time and effort. 

  •         Your Website
  •         Online advertising
  •         Direct Email Marketing
  •         Pay per Lead
  •         Local Advertising

There is a New Paradigm in Advertising

Years ago, when any business wanted new leads, there were some standard practices.  Anyone in business that didn’t have a yellow page ad in the phone book was missing a big opportunity.  Advertising in the local newspaper was a sure way to generate new leads. Direct mail campaigns were an option.  Things have changed radically, and these old standby means of generating qualified leads are fading away.

best way to get HVAC leads

Lead generation in the 21st century is a new ballgame, and it requires an understanding of where people go to find the services they need or want.  Very few people even read a print newspaper anymore. Thumbing through the phone book and picking an HVAC company based on the ad is a dead issue.  Even television and radio advertising is less effective these days.

By and large, when people need someone to service their HVAC system, whether it be commercial or residential, they turn to their smartphone or laptop computer to give them the answer.  Learning and understanding how to use the internet to your advantage as a source of HVAC leads is the number one way to generate qualified commercial HVAC leads, and residential HVAC leads without investing thousands of dollars in advertising.

Put your Efforts in the Best Places

Let’s face it. Your goal is to make more money.  The way to make more money is to do more jobs. Doing more jobs means generating more qualified commercial and residential HVAC leads.  In this new age of digital connectivity, you need to leverage the internet to your advantage. Focusing on a few critical concepts can put qualified HVAC leads on your list quickly and economically.  The key is how to generate more HVAC leads.

  •         Website
  •         Social Media
  •         Pay Per Click
  •         Be Seen

Get Your Website in Order

A well-designed and SEO-optimized website is the first place to start.  People go to the internet, not just to look for an HVAC contractor when they have a problem. They also are looking for answers and information.  Your website should:

  •       Be a community resource - Information is king. Offering information to people who are looking for answers to their commercial or residential HVAC questions is a great way to turn information seekers into qualified leads.  Your website should offer your visitors things like:
  •        Have A Frequently Asked Questions page where they can search for answers to their HVAC questions.  You know what questions your current customers ask the most. Answers those questions.
  •         Write a blog once a week or a couple of times a month.  Talk about your business, new innovations in commercial HVAC and residential HVAC.  People who are having trouble with older equipment will appreciate learning about what is available.
  •         Make it attractive and easy to navigate.  Those who visit your website are savvy and discriminating.  These potential leads expect your website to be slick, professional, and easy to navigate.  Keep it simple and straightforward.
  •         Make yourself easy to contact.  Don’t hide your contact information.  Put it on every page, and include a contact form that will email you directly when someone puts in a question.  Don’t forget to make the request. Ask your potential leads to call you or contact you via email.

There are resources everywhere that will redesign or create a website for your business that is optimized to generate the most leads and keep your business at the top of the search engines list.  These design services aren’t expensive. The small amount you put into a well-crafted website will soon pay for itself in qualified commercial and residential HVAC leads for your business.

Be Social

More and more people are getting their news and their information from social media websites.  The paradigm shift from traditional sources of information to the medium of social media has made a massive impact on how people stay abreast of the latest news and how they find the services and products they want.

The list of social media sites is unbelievably long.  You don’t need to try to cover all of them. Concentrate on the top four or five.  The most popular social media sites in the US are:

  •         Facebook
  •         Twitter
  •         LinkedIn
  •         Instagram
  •         Snapchat

If you aren’t actively using social media to promote your business, you are missing one of the fastest-growing opportunities in online marketing.  Many industry experts agree that social media generates more sales leads than any other source.

If you don’t have time to post to social media sites regularly, some companies will manage your business's social media content and activity.  These services are not expensive, and they understand the ins and outs of getting the most from your social media presence.

Get the Clicks You Need

Another option for the best way to get HVAC leads and to increase the leads you have coming into your HVAC business is to utilize pay-per-clock services.  Many search engine sites and social media sites have services that will allow you to advertise in a prominent place on their website.  Many will allow you to target who sees your ad by region or other ways that utilize the sophisticated data-gathering facilities these sites have developed.

The beauty of the pay-per-click model is the fee system.  Charges only happen when someone clicks on your ad to get more information, visit your website, or contact you directly. You are, in effect, only paying for the leads, not the advertising space or time.

The most effective pay-per-click sites for most small business owners are

  •         Google Ads
  •         Facebook
  •         Bing
  •         Yahoo
  •         LinkedIn

Navigating the world of pay-per-click advertising can be daunting.  Each platform has its own rules and methods. Contractors who specialize in managing pay-per-click advertising are easy to find, and their services can be invaluable in turning online pay-per-click ads into qualified leads.

Be in the Community

Everyone in your community has HVAC needs.  Businesses need your HVAC commercial services, and homeowners need your residential HVAC expertise.  One of the best ways to generate leads is to be in your community. Putting your name out into your community gets you on a first-name basis with the very people who are looking for HVAC service, and they are all among the potential best way to get HVAC leads.

seo for contractors

Being active in your community means being seen and recognized.  Some easy ways to accomplish this are:

  •         Join a good local community service organization.  Whether it is Rotary, Lions, or another organization, these are great places to make connections and build your local network.  People are more apt to go to someone they know for HVAC services.
  •         Sponsor youth activities in your community.  The opportunity to put your company name on the back of 20 or 30 children is something you shouldn’t discount.  Parents appreciate businesses that support their children's activities. That appreciation can generate qualified HVAC leads and gives you another opportunity to network face-to-face.
  •         Participate!  Have a presence at local events.  Sponsor a booth at the local county fair, put one of your vehicles in the fourth of July parade, or exhibit at the home and garden show.  The idea is to be visible and active. 

What people see can make the difference

What is the first impression that your potential HVAC leads see as your drive around your community, going from job to job?  Take a moment and stop to think about the impact you are leaving on the best way to get HVAC leads. Ask yourself some questions.

  •         Does my equipment look professional? Look at your truck or your fleet.  Do they give the impression that you are a top-notch first-class organization?  Those trucks your technicians are driving are nothing but rolling billboards, and you should treat them as such.  Vehicle wraps are not that expensive, and a well-designed graphic on your trucks can generate hundreds of new HVAC leads.
  •         Do my employees look professional? That first impression that your technicians leave when they are in public can be a huge benefit or a tremendous barrier to generating both commercial and residential-qualified HVAC leads.  Well-maintained uniforms project a professional image that stays in your potential customer's minds.
  •         Make it easy for people to remember you. Repetition is the key to memory.  Design your advertising, especially on vehicles, to ensure that your business name, phone number, and website are prominent and easy to read from a distance.  Bigger is better in this case. If people can’t read the phone number or remember the website address, they won’t become qualified HVAC leads for your business.

Paying for HVAC Leads

A search on the internet for how to generate HVAC leads will yield hundreds of links to companies that offer the best way to get HVAC leads marketing for your business.  Some are legitimate businesses that can do what they advertise. Take great care before signing any contract or agreement for HVAC lead generation.

getting HVAC leads

There are advantages and disadvantages to employing a lead generation service.  Some benefits are:

  •         You are Hiring Experts – The company you hire employs teams who are experts in using every aspect of the internet to generate qualified leads for your business.  It saves you time that you can utilize to improve your business in other ways.
  •         A Broader Reach – Lead generation companies have a broader reach than you probably will.  These companies tie into a much more extensive array of sources than you could ever manage alone.  Many of them have individual agreements with some larger websites for pricing that can benefit you in the long run.
  •         Reporting and Tracking – You should expect the lead generation company to perform extensive tracking and reporting on the results of the advertising that they are producing.  This information should be made available to you and should be easily understandable.
  •         Automation – Most of these companies use automated systems to increase the efficiency of your advertising.  These automatic systems make your advertising more effective and keep the cost down.

There are some downsides to contracting with an agency for managing your online lead generation.

  •         The issue of Quality - Too often, the lead generation service will start providing leads and you find that the vast majority are not viable at all.   You should be wary of any lead generation service that promises huge numbers of leads in a short period. 
  •         Exclusivity – Many lead generation companies will provide you with plenty of leads.  Unfortunately, if there are other HVAC service companies in your area using the same lead generation service, they may also be getting the same list of leads. 
  •         The problem with quantity – Your lead generation contract may very well start to generate leads quickly.  The problem that often arises is the ability to make the first contact promptly.  Letting a lead sit for more than a day or so can turn a potential customer into a problem. 
  •         Cost of HVAC Leads – Evaluate the return on your investment.  How many of the leads that you are paying for turn into actual commercial or residential HVAC jobs?  A long list of leads that don’t turn into jobs is not a good investment. 


The bottom line of hiring a lead generation service for your HVAC business is the return you get for your dollar spent.  The range of the expenses for lead generation service is wide. The trick is to get the most bang for your buck. There are some things to consider before you engage in the services of a lead generation company.

Leads come in three varieties

  •         Leads – These are any contacts that are generated by the lead generation company that remotely meet the criteria for your agreement.  These lists typically produce a low percentage of conversions to actual qualified leads and customers.
  •         Marketing Qualified Leads – The contacts on this type of list meet the criteria you set out for your advertising and lead generation agreement.  However, these leads may be potential customers, but they have not made an indication that they are interested in your services.
  •         Sales Qualified Leads – The leads you get on a SQL list not only meet all the requirements on your criteria agreement and that have shown an identifiable interest in talking to you about your services.  These are the top-tier leads and the ones you most want to pursue.

How the Pricing Works

paying for HVAC leads

Typically, reputable lead generation companies price in two ways

  •         Per Appointment – In this model, the lead generation service will provide you with a lead that already has an appointment scheduled.  Pre-scheduled leads reduce your workload tremendously. You know going into the sales call that the person you are meeting has already acknowledged an interest in doing business.  Pricing for this type of lead generation runs from $50 to $400 per lead.
  •         Monthly Billing – An agreement with a lead generation service for a flat-rate monthly billing can be a gamble.  On the one hand, the company may deliver enough high-quality leads that the cost becomes lower than a par per lead contract.  However, if the lead generation company doesn’t deliver, you can end up paying an exorbitant amount for the leads you do get. Monthly billing can range from $2,000 to $20,000 per month.

It's all about making the phone ring

Buying HVAC leads is a way to jump-start your sales for your commercial or residential HVAC company.  If you are willing to pay the price, you can get well-qualified leads who are looking to purchase your services and quickly become paying jobs.  You must be careful that the price you pay for these leads is adequately offset by the profit they generate. 

In our opinion, the best way to get HVAC leads is to take the long-range approach and build your lead generation system.  The tools and resources are available on the internet and in your community. Such a system can become a lead-generating machine that, once established and fine-tuned, works for you in the background all the time generating commercial and residential contractor leads like a machine.

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