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Buying Vs. Generating Residential Solar Leads in 2019

Written by Devon Eddy
Published on August 28, 2019

As more people turn to solar technology for residential homes, it's up to those working in the solar industry to obtain their business for solar installations, services, and maintenance first through residential solar leads. The question is, is it better to buy the solar leads you use to get customers, or should you buy those that others are already out there using?

When the primary focus is not only obtaining residential solar leads but also turning those into conversions, the best method is almost always generating your own solar customers. Creating your own residential solar leads on the web isn't simple to do, though. It's best if you find a lead generation company like LeadsForward that can do the work for you. All you have to do is sit back and wait for residential homeowners to contact you in real time after they fill out the questionnaire found on your website.

Cold Calls, Mass Emails, and Door-to-Door Sales for Residential Solar Leads Aren't Effective

When solar energy first came around a few years ago, people didn't know much about it. They were more receptive when solar companies would call or come to their home with information about getting the products and services available. It was all new information. People were interested in hearing about it, and they were more likely to take advantage of having the work done by whoever was right in front of them.

Today, through the use of television ads, radio marketing, emailing, and all the other traditional methods for getting the word out, solar energy isn't uncharted territory anymore. People that have homes already have heard about what's out there. It's a safe bet that one or more companies have contacted them. Offering a "zero down" special isn't all that it takes to grab the attention of consumers that are considering solar for their next home improvement project any longer. Consumers aren't sitting back patiently, waiting for someone to come and talk to them. There are so many options available. It's up to them to decide who they pick and when.

Obtaining Organic Residential Solar Leads Requires Expertise in Lead Generation

how to find exclusive solar leads

That makes things a little bit more difficult if you're in the solar industry because you have to try and gain the customer before they go somewhere else. How do you do that? By becoming one of the first options that they see when they do finally decide that it's time to go solar. With everyone turning to the internet to search for the services that they want, the only way you're guaranteed to get that lead is by having your name at the top. To do that, you have to build a long-standing relationship with a trusted lead-generation business first. 

You want one that cares about watching your business grow and thrive. Hiring a company that is only interested in collecting a monthly fee to sell you recycled leads or those they bought from other companies isn't going to cut it. In some cases, you might not get any sales at all from paying for those expensive leads.

Google Adwords for Residential Solar Leads is Tricky

You might have heard of Google Adwords before, so you're wondering why you can't just buy the solar leads you want that way. It would be a whole lot faster just to jump on and pick and choose who you want to contact. There might be some truth in that, but you have to be careful with purchasing the leads that are available for a few reasons. First of all, if there is a solar lead for sale, you have to think about why it's still available. Chances are it's because other companies have already checked it out, and it's not converting to any sales or leads as others do.

It's not going to hurt to set up a Google Adwords account. If you're working with a reputable residential solar leads generation company like LeadsForward, then you can let the professionals do the deciphering. They can quickly determine which leads are going to be profitable and which ones are going to be a waste of your time and money. 

If you're involved in the solar industry, it's not very probable that you also have experience in working behind the scenes on the internet. It's a complicated highway of information, and there are specific tactics that have to be used to see the same success as some of the other companies out there. By having someone that is an expert in the industry do it for you, you can focus your time working on all the leads that have converted into sales.

Can it Be Profitable to Buy Residential Solar Leads?

Say you've come to the realization that you don't have the time or knowledge needed when it comes to obtaining residential solar leads on your own. There are several solar lead generation companies out there that offer them to you for a fee. So, you're left wondering, why can't I just cut out all the extra effort and buy from one of these pre-established solar lead generation companies? In short, the answer is you can. You will likely even see some results. It's estimated that out of every 20 leads you buy, one of them will convert, and you can make your money back.

residential solar leads

Now, go back to the idea of the solar industry growing at the rate that it is. You're purchasing leads that other people in the business are also going after. You have to take into account the cost of the leads that you're buying and then keep track of how much money is coming back after your initial investment. Even if you're making profits for the first couple of months or years, eventually, these leads are going to fizzle out. They undoubtedly are going to be in even higher demand.

Instead of wasting time trying to pump out as much business as you can in the shortest amount of time, you could be building your presence online and generating your own leads. When the other solar companies are finding out that the solar lead generation companies that were once giving them the residential solar leads they want aren't available anymore, they're in trouble. You, on the other hand, have already put in the legwork to make your presence known, and people will be coming to you. There won't be any scrambling to chase down the work.

Generating Your Own Solar Leads Always Wins in the Long Run

If you're someone that wants to see instant results, you're just like most people naturally are. You're going to be tempted to buy those residential solar leads and cut out all the time it takes to generate your own. However, when you're creating your own leads, you're not in competition with anyone. Every solar lead that comes to you is yours. There's no need to outbid other installers. You aren't working twice as hard to explain to the lead that you paid for why you're better than the other solar contractor that's already contacted them.

Homeowners that are truly interested in obtaining solar services are going to do their research. It's not something that people just up and decide they're going to pay for one day. It's up to you to ensure that when they are exploring the plethora of options out there, they reach your company. That means that you have to be ranked highly in search engines, and the only way to do that is with SEO-optimized locally-driven content published on your site.

When you buy residential solar leads from a company that sells leads, all they are going to offer you is contact information. When you work with a trusted solar lead generation company like LeadsForward, you get qualified experts working on building your online presence. They use local SEO content publishing, email marketing strategies, and other methods to obtain the lead. Beyond that, they nurture it to the point where it converts into the final sale.

Buying Vs. Generating Residential Solar Leads in 2019 is Ultimately Up To You

It's up to you whether you want to buy your residential solar leads or generate your own. If you're looking for short-term instant gratification, buying your leads can be useful. However, you have to be careful about keeping track of what you're investing and what you're getting back. After some time, those leads aren't going to keep working the same way they were in the beginning. With the solar industry becoming more and more saturated, it won't be long before those solar leads could potentially be completely eliminated. Then you're right back where you started.

If you're more interested in a long-term investment in getting continuous residential solar leads for the future, then generating organic ones on your own through a local solar lead generation company like LeadsForward is certain to be more profitable. It might take a little more time and effort upfront, but it will continue to work for a much longer time. By generating your own leads, everything that is published online works to boost your ranking and presence both cumulatively and permanently. 

Have you established your solar installation business already? Are you determined that you're a hungry solar contractor looking for benefits now and well into the future for your business? Generating residential solar leads on your own will ensure you're never going to run out of work.

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