Exclusive Solar Lead Generation Process

Written by Devon Eddy
Published on September 25, 2019

What is an Exclusive Solar Lead?

Exclusive solar leads offer the ability to be solely involved in the sales process with prospective customers. Simply put, receiving exclusive leads eliminates competition, increases customer trust, and makes closing the deal easier. In contrast, non-exclusive (recycled) leads are distributed to across companies. This can lead to squabbling over prospective business, undercutting market prices, and negatively impact the customer experience with the product. Non-exclusive leads are more difficult to close and can negatively impact profit margin.

At LeadsForward, we deal only in exclusive solar leads. We never distribute customer information to competitors, even after the lead has gone cold. Our mission is to help YOU dominate the local market, and we understand how detrimental recycling leads can be for business. Interested in learning more about our solar lead generation process? Get in touch!

exclusive solar lead generation - how

The 4 Principles of Solar Lead Qualification

The solar lead generation process is similar to gathering leads for other businesses. That is, receiving customer contact information is essential to start the sales process. Whether this information is obtained from online forms or from knocking doors, the qualification of a solar lead is determined by 4 factors.

1. Interest Level

Interest is important. There is a big gap between those who are simply interested in solar technology to those who own all electric houses and are crippled by utility bills. During our lead generation process, we can field these varying interest levels to increase lead quality. We ensure that the solar companies we work with receive leads from those who express the most interest and are serious about going solar for the right reasons.

2. Home Systems

Qualified solar leads also incorporate information about the prospective customer's current home systems, age of the roof, the energy source of HVAC systems, and the monthly cost of electricity. This gives the solar sales team a starting point to determine profit margin, further qualify the lead, and set up an appointment.

3. Financing

Solar systems are expensive, and financing is an extremely important part of sealing the deal with prospective customers. No matter how interested prospective customers are in going solar, having a good credit score is necessary to establish payment plans. Since most can't afford solar out of pocket, lead quality is also be determined on the prospective customer's credibility.

4. Local Targeting

Whether your solar company is a small operation that services a single county or a multi-state corporation, a qualified lead must be within your area of service. Through clever social media targeting and local marketing campaigns, we pinpoint the exact location of prospective customers down to the zip code. Some neighborhoods are more pro-solar than others, so we can work with you to generate leads in towns and cities that make more sense to do so.

Why Choose LeadsForward?

As an ethical lead generation and marketing company, we are extremely mindful of the leads we send to our clients. Therefore, we are dedicated to dealing only in exclusive solar leads and committed to scaling out your business. We work together to increase business potential in your local marketplace, target customers who are serious about solar, and develop strategies for long term growth. We don't believe in sacrificing quantity for quality! So, if you are interested in high quality, exclusive solar leads that will transform your solar business into a monolith, give LeadsForward a call. We're available to answer any questions and walk you through our step by step process.

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