Generating the Best Solar Leads Before the End of 2023

Written by Devon Eddy
Published on April 30, 2023

As the year 2023 starts to draw to a close, it's common for business owners and operators to wonder what can be done to boost business and get the best solar leads. Of course, you want to start 2020 strong, but what's the best way to do that? You have to figure out how to generate your own solar leads.

When seeking the best solar leads, nobody wants to waste time cold calling, emailing, and going door-to-door. Instead, you can have interested solar customers coming to you with your own website. Working with a lead generation company like LeadsForward will ensure you see results.

Focus on the Best Solar Leads in Your Area

You know that you want to do solar installations in your area, but how do you find interested customers? Decades ago, these were the types of businesses and contractors that we would see show up at our door. Men and women would carry around clipboards and packets of information. Just as soon as the family was sitting down for dinner, the doorbell would ring, and if you were working back then, you would be the guy or gal behind the door.

You're visiting these people at their homes, so you know for sure that they live in the region you work in, but can't you get in touch with them some other way? What was typical back then, people find it intrusive and annoying these days. You can almost bet that if you show up at someone's house unannounced, they aren't going to be happy. Then, if you're trying to sell them something on top of that? Forget it. You'll be lucky to get out of there without getting yelled at or chased down the driveway.

That sounds unpleasant, so there's option two for finding the best solar leads in your area; on the telephone. You can get listings of all the people that have phones in your location. How do you feel when you get a phone call from someone trying to sell you something? Either you don't know the number, so you don't answer, or as soon as the person starts talking, you hang up. Neither of those is going to turn into a solar installation job for you.

Many companies have gone as far as purchasing emails from solar lead vendors or other parties that sell them off after they use them. It's cheaper than purchasing the entire lead. If you find someone close to you or even in the same state, you can potentially get a decent list of people that are nearby. However, you can expect those emails are going to be deleted without even being opened. That's if they make it past the spam folder of course.

That pretty much eliminates every chance you have for getting the best solar leads in your area without purchasing expensive ones from a solar lead vendor. You do have one more option though, and that's working with a solar lead generation company like LeadsForward. They can produce the content on a professionally designed website that is search engine optimized for your specific region. That way, when people start typing "solar energy installation in my area," and their location is near yours, your business will come up. They are directed to your website where they can fill out a form telling you that they want to be contacted. That sounds a whole lot more valuable and a little less scary than the other options, doesn't it?

best solar leads

Speak with Solar Consumers That Have an Actual Interest

You've likely heard of or maybe already purchased some solar leads to try out. You probably were shut down before you even got to the point of scheduling an assessment. When you're buying even the best solar leads, it's a gamble. These people may or may not be interested in solar energy. They could have been at one point and aren't anymore. Maybe they already had the work done, and their name is still floating around. In any case, you want the best solar leads that want to talk with you.

With a website dedicated to your solar company that has been well-built and maintained to show up on search engine results, you will have a continuous flow of traffic coming to your page. These are the people that are looking for solar installation because they are serious about it. It's like time passed when customers had to walk into a brick-and-mortar store. That's how they got what they wanted then, but now it's all done on the internet. Your job is to make sure that they can find you. That's why an online presence is an essential part of any successful business.

Take Advantage of Real-Time Solar Leads Coming to You Directly

The solar industry is growing, and the competition is getting a little more fierce. Where there used only to be a few companies capable of doing solar installations, now there are plenty to choose from. When a customer decides that he or she is interested in getting a solar installation done, you want to talk with them right away. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance they will change their mind or go with a different company that was quicker.

After you have your website set up by a trusted leads generation company like LeadsForward, you're getting the details instantly. The interested homeowner visits your webpage, looks around, likes what they see, and then fills out the contact form. As soon as their information is submitted, you get a notification. You can have it set up to go to your phone or email in real time. As long as you're able, you can call that person or email them back right away while they are online. 

They're still thinking about solar at this point, and they likely haven't contacted anyone else yet. It's a small window of opportunity, but if you can fit yourself in there, your chances of that solar lead converting into a sale are a whole lot greater.

No More Sharing Purchased Solar Leads

It's pretty common in the solar industry to visit a solar vendor's website and purchase the best solar leads. There are a few companies out there that will offer you solar leads that have a chance of converting, but a lot of times it's like opening up a mystery box. You have no way of knowing what you're getting. When you purchase solar leads from a vendor you could be buying:

  • Outdated leads
  • Leads with inaccurate information
  • Leads that have been shared with other companies
  • Leads for contacts that have similar interests in solar -  not necessarily solar installation

That's just the start of where things can go wrong purchasing leads instead of generating the best solar leads. Unless you're willing to take a chance and spend your money on something that you aren't 100% sure of, then buying leads won't be an issue for you.

However, if you're looking for a way to invest in your solar company in the long run, you want to generate your own leads continuously. Starting with building a premium website, you spend a small amount of money with the lead generation company that you're working with. They will require an upfront fee to get the process started. 

If you're working with a lead generation building business that genuinely cares about you and sees you grow, they won't charge you anything after that until you start seeing results. It's a partnership, not just someone you pay for a service and then never speak to again. LeadsForward is one of those businesses that doesn't take money from you until you get paid. You can be confident that they are doing their part to get you the leads you want.

When you know that your personality is one that wants to see instant results, you might have a bit of an issue waiting for things to start working. As long as you remain patient, when it starts happening, you won't ever want to rebuy another lead. You won't have to take a gamble on paying for something and getting nothing in return. Your business phone will soon be sending you notifications all the time about the new best solar leads!

Find a Reputable Solar Lead Generation Company

The only legwork that you have to put in is finding a solar lead generation company that's going to do what they promise. You want someone that isn't going to ask for money from you when there isn't anything happening. There are plenty out there that will require payment up front and then charge you a monthly fee to keep your website up. That doesn't tell you that they're taking care of their side of the deal and producing the best solar leads. They're getting paid no matter what, so they don't have the incentive to do their best. 

There are qualities that you need to look for when selecting your solar lead generation company. Some of them include:

  • A healthy, organic method for getting leads
  • Taking care of search engine optimization
  • An ability to create a professional-looking website that's attractive to potential customers
  • Added benefits like establishing your business on social media, email marketing, online advertising, and every other process of ranking your site number one in search engine results
  • Dedication to you and your business
  • Desire to build a long-term relationship; not just take your money and run

LeadsForward is one of the few lead generation companies that offers all of this and a whole lot more. You can explore on your own what types of things you want for yourself and your business. No matter what one you choose, make sure they can prove to you that they are going to produce the unique solar leads that nobody else has. After that, sit back and watch your business grow to levels that you never thought possible.

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