How Do Contractors Get Clients? Hint: It's Not Word of Mouth

Written by Shannon Nieten
Published on July 19, 2022

How do contractors get clients? This is a vital question for someone self-employed as well as general contractors and freelancers. After all, there’s no use going into business for yourself if you can’t find qualified leads and customers!

Additionally, finding those clients might require preplanning and some vital steps even before opening a business. Knowing more about how to get those clients and what’s involved makes that planning easier. 

Above all, the more you know about how experienced contractors get clients, the more success you’ll have over the years. With this in mind, check out how contractors get clients and how you can do the same for your business.

How Do Contractors Get Clients?

First, when determining how do contractors get clients, understand that there is no “one size fits all” answer as to how contractors get clients. Second, it’s vital that you dedicate some time and evaluate all methods individually, weighing their pros and cons. For instance, some methods, such as professional SEO services, might involve a financial investment but yield greater results.

Also, some methods might work better for certain areas or businesses than others. As an example, trying to sell HVAC repair door-to-door might yield few results. After all, how many homeowners might you meet who need HVAC repair that day? To help you understand all this information more clearly, let’s visit some details about how contractors typically get clients.

contractors taking to clients


How do contractors get clients? Websites are an excellent tool for contractors, freelancers, and the self-employed. One reason for this is that potential clients looking for you typically start that search online! Two, websites give you space to include information you might need to omit from marketing material. Lastly, websites offer contact forms, email connections, and the like, making it easier for potential clients to reach out.

Also, note that websites are excellent sales tools, converting potential leads to paying clients. For instance, someone visiting your site might browse before and after photos of renovations, landscaping, power washing, or other services. Next, they might decide that they want the same results for their property! Blogs, pages explaining your services, and other such information can also help “sell” your services.

However, note that simply publishing a website isn’t sufficient for finding potential clients. First, search engines need to find your site! Second, a poorly designed site might make potential clients click away rather than call. In turn, it’s often helpful to leave website design and publication to professionals specializing in contractor leads. If you require contractor web design, reach out to our team.

Professional SEO companies

Search engine optimization (SEO) providers are an excellent investment for contractors and freelancers. SEO refers to optimizing or refining your website so that Google, Bing, and other search engines find it easily. Without expert SEO, your site might look stunning but languish on the internet with few or even no visitors!

Additionally, SEO includes adding content about your site on other websites and social media pages. This step allows search engines to see your site as legitimate and not “clickbait” or “spam.” Also, expert SEO helps your website stand out from competitors so that clients find your site before anyone else’s.

The right SEO for contractor businesses also ensures that your website contains content specific to your business. This includes more than keywords used by potential clients searching for your site. For example, contractor websites should include the names of cities you service and all services you provide. These small but important bits of information help bolster your site and ensure the system for how contractors get clients works.

However, contractors and freelancers might find learning about and then applying SEO techniques difficult and time-consuming. On the other hand, SEO pro ensures potential clients searching for your services find your site quickly!

getting more leads with lead generation

Lead generation services

Lead generation service providers proactively bring potential clients to your company. Most lead generation companies use a variety of methods how do contractors get clients:

  • Start social media pages for your company, even if you don’t plan on posting or adding content. This step allows your lead generation provider to post your company’s address and phone number to these pages. Consequently, search engines read that information which helps them view your company as legitimate.
  • Post your positive reviews to sites where potential customers might check your company’s service history.
  • Ensuring your site adequately “sells” your services with a call to action (CTA) content.
  • Creating more content for your site as needed. For example, a site should have separate pages for every keyword variation used by potential clients. In turn, a power washing company might need added pages for “pressure washing,” “commercial power washing,” and so on.
  • Content syndication refers to pushing your content to other websites. A lead generation company might do this with guest blogs or online comments.

How do contractors get clients? In short, lead generation companies use the most effective methods for finding clients, including optimized websites and content posted elsewhere. By combining these methods, clients searching for your services are more likely to find your website before finding any other.

Additionally, a highly skilled lead generation company hones your website and service information to weed out unqualified leads. For instance, they might check to ensure your URL and site content includes the major city you service. In turn, you won’t waste time with potential leads from outside that area.

Face-to-face contact

Face-to-face contact is helpful for many contractors, depending on your area and the services offered. For instance, consider a power washing or landscaping contractor in an area with lots of apartment complexes. Those complexes need your services and might easily become repeat customers.

In turn, visiting those complexes in person and explaining the benefits of your services can help grow your business. On the other hand, reconsider going door to door in residential neighborhoods for repair services! You’re not likely to get enough immediate or repeat business to justify the time and effort involved.  

Also, reconsider this method if you offer a service for which customers might call you. As an example, homeowners needing foundation repair are likely to call a contractor right away! Potential customers aren’t likely to wait for a contractor to knock on their door for urgent or one-time services.


How do contractors get clients? Referrals are an excellent choice for getting new clients. One advantage to referrals is that those potential clients already have a good impression of your work! Two, referrals come to you rather than you having to find them.

To encourage client referrals, be proactive! For instance, ask clients outright if they have friends or family needing the same services. Also, encourage client referrals on your business card and marketing materials. Additionally, you might offer a small discount or other financial incentives.

Above all, ensure you follow up with previous clients often so that your business is fresh in their minds. They might know of friends and family members who didn’t need your services before but who need them now!

Being proactive is key to enjoying referrals for your business, which is both good and bad. The more proactive you are with current clients, the more referrals you might enjoy. On the other hand, being proactive means investing time and effort that takes away from other aspects of your business. Additionally, chasing referrals is often “hit or miss,” with little guarantee of success.

expand a small business with SEO

Social media

Potential customers might not turn to social media to find contractors. However, buying ad space in various outlets can help bolster your business! Additionally, sites like Instagram and Pinterest are excellent for showcasing your services and results. For instance, someone considering a kitchen remodel might see a finished project of yours online and decide to call.

Most social media sites allow you to narrow down your intended target, selecting an age range, location, and so on. However, one downside to these ads is that they’re still typically “hit or miss” and often yield minimal results. After all, many potential clients might not use social media or the particular sites on which you place ads. Also, many contractor clients proactively seek out needed service providers, as said.

How Do You Promote a Contractor Business?

If you’re a contractor, freelancer, or self-employed, check out some tips for promoting your business and finding quality clients!

  • First, remember that contractors need proper licensing and insurance. Many potential clients check out this information before ever contacting a service provider! In turn, it’s vital that you take care of these important items before promoting your contractor business.
  • Second, take a few minutes to think about your potential client base and your business. Consider what you offer those clients and why they might find your service valuable. This information forms the basis of your business promotion.
  • Also, consider what sets your company apart from the competition. For example, do you offer specialty services not provided by many competitors? Do you have more experience than most other contractors? These also form the basis of your business promotion.
  • Create a website using proper SEO methods and call-to-action phrases and buttons. Ensure the site offers potential clients information needed to contact you, including a phone number, email, and contact form.
  • Create social media accounts and pages. Even if you don’t post to these pages, they help search engines see your site as legitimate. In turn, potential clients are more likely to see your site when searching.
  • Also, use social media pages for before and after pictures, videos of your work, and so on. This media helps show the value of your work to potential clients.
  • Post on contractor websites such as Next Door, Houzz, Angie’s List or Angi, Thumbtack, and so on.

How Can a Contractor Be Successful?

Are you now curious about how to sell construction services. First, ensure that you know your industry and potential client base, inside and out! This includes knowing the latest trends for renovations, landscaping, stamped concrete, and other such services. Repair contractors also need to stay updated on the best materials and methods for their projects. Above all, you need to offer competitive pricing to be successful in your business!

Second, be prepared to invest in needed marketing when opening your business and over time. This includes publishing and maintaining a professional website. Also, educate yourself about the benefits of SEO, social media pages, and content on other websites. Ensure you’re staying updated with changes in these areas over the years as well!

Additionally, proactively encourage current customers to consider referrals. You might include encouraging phrases on your website and business card. For instance, you might add the line, “Don’t forget to recommend us to family and friends!” on your receipts.

Above all, don’t hesitate to “brag” about your business and services wherever and whenever you can! This includes making videos about your work and posting them online. Take before and after pictures and share those on social media pages. These simple contractor marketing ideas help convince potential clients to call and then hire you for their projects!

how do contractors get clients

Getting Clients Fast!

How do contractors get clients? The best way to get clients fast is to physically try to drum up business in your area. However, before you simply start knocking on doors, take a moment to consider where you might get the most results. For example, apartment complexes and retail stores typically must follow local codes when it comes to various repairs. In turn, start cold calling those businesses if you offer HVAC repair, concrete patching, foundation repair, and so on.

Also, consider that homeowners in affluent areas might have funds ready for various services that other homeowners often put off. Consequently, try door-to-door sales in those areas for services such as power washing, concrete stamping, and remodeling.

However, before you start, note that publishing a website is vital for any contractor. One reason to publish a site is that potential clients might be online, looking for your services right now! Two, remember that someone who doesn’t hire you on the spot might need you sometime soon. In turn, leaving a brochure or card with your site allows them to find you easily.

LeadsForward is happy to provide this information and answer the question, how do contractors get clients? Hopefully, you found it useful and insightful! If you’re ready to enjoy a steady stream of qualified leads for your company, call our expert leads generation contractors. We offer FREE consultations, exclusive and qualified leads, and guaranteed results.

With over 10 years of industry experience, you know that ours is the name to trust for your lead generation needs! To find out more about how do contractors get clients, use our contact form or just give us a call.

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