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Written by Shannon Nieten
Published on October 20, 2022

Are you a home contractor business looking for a way to get local business leads to increase your profits, popularity, and reputation? Then you need local lead generation for contractors! How do you obtain the same or more attention than what other similar local businesses are getting? You must develop and maintain an online presence that helps get your name in front of potential customers.

Local business leads for your company require a combination of effective search engine optimization strategies, implementation of local lead generation tools, and a lead generation system in place that stays current so search engines continuously put you in front of qualified local leads.

The new leads you obtain also need to be qualified leads that are unique, interested, and ready to make a purchase. One proven and efficient way to implement the lead generation strategy that others are using so effectively is hiring specialists in the field of local lead generation.

local business leads

These experts will get your business online, raise you in organic search engine results, put your business on the map, literally with a Google My Business listing, and place your brand in front of the potential customers you're trying to reach.

Gone are the days of putting an ad in the local newspaper or purchasing a large space in the phone book, just hoping that paying customers will come your way. There's a lot more that goes into generating local leads these days, and we're here to walk you through it.

First, we will identify exactly what a lead is, and then we will dig deeper into the fine details so you can better understand what lead generation is and how to gain attention in your local community.

The Basics: What is a Lead?

Local business owners all around the country are always actively looking for, buying, or hoping for leads. However, you may not be entirely sure what that means. No problem! Let's review it.

A lead is a person that is interested in buying your business's services and has indicated so in one way or another. It could be a phone call, email, or quote form.


local home contractor business leads

How do you know that someone who's reached out is actually a lead? They generally have submitted information to the company themselves. In essence, they've come to you. Your business will recognize a message that's come through or a form that was filled out off of a website or a website's landing page.

Whatever the case, there has been some kind of back and forth opened by the potential customer showing they have a need or want for the services or products you're selling.

In the past, you would hear the phone ring as you sat down for dinner. It would happen pretty much every night, or so it seemed. Someone was cold calling to ask if you needed any repair work done or if you were looking to buy an item they were selling.

Even business owners doing it know how frustrating it is to receive those calls, and the likelihood of gaining a customer that way is very minimal. Think about what you did when you answered these calls.

Typically tell them no thank you after they went through their sales speech, or for some, just hang up the phone the instant they begin talking, and you realize what the call was for. So, people don't cold call anymore. Some will spend a fortune to get their name on Google and in other advertisements around the internet. It can be successful, but if it's not, you're spending a lot of money that you don't actually have to be. Instead, do things the effective way. Wait for the local business leads to come to you.

getting local leads

It's not a sit-back and wait so much as it is completing the proper steps to get the leads drawn in. The question is, how do you get those customers to come to you in the first place? They have to be able to find you! With the infinite amount of companies and other information on the internet, it's not as easy as building a website and putting it up. There are steps that have to be carefully carried out to get the results you're hoping for.

Targeting local leads is a specialized service that demands analytics, research, development, and continued maintenance to ensure that it remains effective. Getting a professional lead generation company to assist you with these marketing efforts is always your best option.

Local business lead Generation: Explained

You're a local company in the home contractor business. You know how important it is to gain enough popularity and recognition to keep your company going and growing. Especially in major cities, there is more competition in the region, and you have to find a way to stick out, too.

home contractor business leads

With the always evolving and continued increase in the way people gain information, the wonderful, convenient, and somewhat complicated world wide web, it's now more important than ever to pay attention to when it comes to your online marketing strategies.

This is a very complex and detailed process, so it's suggested that you find a company or a qualified lead generation specialist to assist you through it. Otherwise, plan on doing a lot of research and continuing that research indefinitely because what works today as far as showing up in organic search results may not work tomorrow.

If done correctly, with a trusted, qualified, experienced, and educated team, you will have local customers filling out your lead generation form before you know it. In addition, you will be getting that additional business and profits after nurturing the local audience in just a few short months if done correctly.

Your Local Business NEEDS Local Lead Generation Strategies That Work

lead generation strategies

You've been doing okay in terms of gaining customers, so why is local lead generation so important? When you generate leads naturally, you're no longer doing as much work or advertising as other local businesses. In fact, if you get your process nailed down enough, you won't ever have to worry about obtaining business again! When the lead generation process you're working with works out, you will have so many leads you won't know what to do with them all.

4 Basic Steps to Generating Leads

Here's how to generate leads for local businesses:

  1. Attract - you build an attractive home contractor website utilizing all the proper analytics, including common keywords that users are typing into search engine bars.
  2. Convert - when the lead visits your site, you need to have a tempting call to action (CTA). It's often a button that directs them to a form or landing page where they can input their contact information.
  3. Close - this is potentially the most important part. Even after the user is at the place where contact details should be shared, it doesn't mean that it's going to happen. You should place an offer in front of them, like a course or ebook, that gives them the perception they're receiving something of value for sharing their information with you.
  4. Delight - when they fill out their name, phone number, email, and project description and push the send button, that's it! You have just generated a local lead!

This is a process that starts slowly and takes time to build. However, when you start gaining authority and an increase in organic ranking, soon you will go from one visitor a week to one lead an hour or more!

How Can You Stand Out Against Other Local Businesses? with Local Business Leads

The best way to start generating leads and putting yourself in front of other local businesses is by utilizing the numerous platforms out there available to get your brand in the eyes of the public. By taking advantage of everything that's available, like social media, for instance, instead of just trying to nurture a website alone, you'll notice a difference right away.

using lead generation automated software

Not all general contractors looking for leads will take the time and put in the effort to get all of the channels covered. When you do, you're already doing more than the other guy.

Promotional Marketing Channels

  • Email marketing - with email, you have to have a list of email addresses of either current, former, or potential customers. This is what you gather during lead generation or whenever you perform a service. (Make sure whenever you work with a client that you get their contact information to save for this type of marketing to secure repeat customers.)
  • Social media - platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter get tons of traffic. Believe it or not, some of that traffic is there to search for a reliable local contractor. When you have a social media presence, you just might be the one that the customer chooses to click on. In addition, these are great places to get clients redirected to your website.
  • Blog posting - you know, in the contractor business, there's a high percentage of homeowners and business operators looking for ways to DIY the job a professional should really be handling. You can use that to your advantage with regular blog posting. Attract leads for your business to your site through blogs that are related to DIY, but make sure to include how important it is to leave the work to a trained specialist.
  • Website content - you should continuously be putting new, useful, accurate, and current content on your website. The more up-to-date and helpful your content is, the better. You will look more reliable and trustworthy to people who come to your site, making it more likely they will click on the CTA.

Whatever channel you decide to use to generate leads, the most important factor is getting them to your website landing page. As long as your landing pages are working when it comes to converting those visitors into leads, the rest of the work is already done.

Stay On top of Your Strategies to Generate Local Business Leads Consistently For Many Years to Come

working with seo company for lead generation

One thing that we know for sure is that algorithms are always changing, and what you used for lead generation tools last year may not work this year.

With updates like Google's Helpful Content Update or the more recent Google Spam Algorithm Update, your site could be flagged, penalized, and knocked down the list.

What does that mean? You'll see a dip in the number of leads coming in. Why? Because your site is no longer as visible as it once was. Most importantly, how do you fix it, or better yet, prevent it from happening in the first place?

Again, this is where lead generation software, tools, and strategies from a qualified team of professionals are your best defense. These trained experts are already on top of the advancements and changes, and they can make sure that your website or landing pages aren't affected.

lead generation tools

In addition to updates, the terminology that is being used has the potential to change over time as well. With lead generation tactics in place, those will be noticed right away, and the appropriate pages can be built, or adjustments can be made to ensure you keep your brand on top.

Let's Generate Local Leads Together! Reach Out to the Professionals From LeadsForward Today!

Now that you're more informed and aware of what it takes to generate quality leads in your local area, are you also prepared to jump in with the best lead generation company around? The team at LeadsForward has years of experience working with the tools, researching local SEO strategies, doing analytics, developing websites, nurturing the local audience, and more to get business owners more leads.

As experts in everything from creating and producing landing pages to incorporating a lead capture form, working through Google Ads, targeting a specific audience with SEO tools, and getting direct traffic from the proper target market, you can rest assured that you will reach the right prospective customer and soon your business growth will be out of this world!


Are you ready to get started? Reach out to our team for a free consultation. There's no pressure and no pushy sales tactics. In addition, we're more than willing to answer all of your questions about your financial investment in our cost-effective lead generation tools for your own business. Call today!

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