The Most Effective Methods for Solar Lead Generation

Written by Devon Eddy
Published on August 29, 2019

You've heard that it's possible to generate your own solar leads, and you're ready to get in on the action. It's way more effective and profitable. Once you get the ball rolling in the right direction, you'll be amazed at just how much your solar business grows. Find out the most effective methods for getting the best solar leads now!


To get unique, high-quality, solar leads delivered to you, you have to work with a trusted and dedicated lead generation company like LeadsForward. They will be able to handle all of the technical aspects of putting your solar business at the top of search engine results.

Start Gaining Solar Leads with a Top-Notch Website

solar leads coming through a website

Before you can ever start getting solar leads coming directly to you, they need to know how to find you. You may have a business location or phone number where you can be reached, but these days, that isn't enough. People search for the products and services that they want online.


When it comes to solar, residential homeowners likely aren't going to go with the first business they come across. It is a pretty significant investment, so they want to be sure they are getting the most for their money. They will likely turn to friends and family first, and then start checking out resources online on their own. If you don't have a website for them to look at, there go your chances for obtaining that customer. The solar installation job will go to someone else that they can review from the comforts of their home or office.


So, unless you already have a website built for your solar installation company, then that's your first step to obtaining solar leads. It is possible to do something like this on your own, but if you don't have any technical experience, you should consider hiring someone. There are local solar lead generation companies like LeadsForward that are ready to help you build your company from the ground up. At least grow in terms of your internet presence.


Instead of wasting hours trying to master the very complicated information highway system of the internet, you can rely on a team of professionals that have already learned how it works. You pay a small fee upfront, then they get to work, and that's how the relationship begins.

Build Your Online Presence for Attracting More Solar Leads

You might be wondering how putting a website up will bring you solar leads all on its own, and the answer is, it won't. You have to be patient when trying to obtain organic, up-to-date, high-quality solar leads. After you have your website up, you sit back and let things start working on their own a little bit. In general, it takes from three to six months to build an online presence. In some cases, especially if you're trying to do it on your own, it can take even longer.


Why wouldn't you go and buy your solar leads then? It's a whole lot faster. That's true, but you aren't getting the leads that you really want that way. You might get a few good ones, but the majority of them aren't. Either you're paying a reasonable price and getting recycled leads that other solar companies already have access to, or you're getting leads that are so old that the customer information isn't accurate anymore. 


You could pay top dollar for the "best solar leads," but even those don't always pan out the way you would hope. It's estimated that the solar lead vendors that have the more expensive leads, around $100 each, only convert about 5-10% into sales. In essence, you're getting your investment back after even just one lead pays out, but then when that job is done, you're starting again from scratch.


With your online presence growing because you already have a website up, after a while, you will never have to re-buy another solar lead. The customers will come to you.

Ranking Highly for Customers Searching for Solar Installation is Essential

methods for solar lead - computer & magnifier

You can't just put up a website with your name, a few pictures, and a way to contact you. Google and other search engines will not recognize you, and customers won't trust that you're a reputable solar installation company. A professional-looking site full of SEO rich content and people working behind the scenes to help with things like online advertising and email marketing is the only way to guarantee your success now and into the future. 


Lead generation companies like LeadsForward have the tools, methods, and experience to take a look at your website and see what's working and what isn't from the backend of things. For instance, more than getting solar leads, you want to have solar leads in your area. Your website needs to be ranked highly in the region that you work in. The only way to ensure your name will come up first in a search in your area is by having content on your webpage that search engines recognize. That's where the professionals come in and use their proven methods for search engine optimization.


It's not just getting a like or comment on a social media page. Sure, your presence there is significant too, but nothing like having your own domain for your solar business. When an interested solar customer types in "solar installation in my area" and you're in their area, you want your name at the top of the list. It's not an easy feat to get to the number one spot on Google, but with a company like LeadsForward working for you, it's not impossible.


After an experienced web-designer builds your solar leads generation website, then you have to start adding in the content. Google and similar search engines scan the information that you have on your page for relevancy. If you have quality content that's relevant to the search, then Google will display your webpage as an option. You have to have content that is search engine optimized if you want any chance at getting noticed. 


On the other side of that, if you slop words together and put up something that isn't relevant or recognized by Google, you could be punished or red-flagged. When that happens, it can be nearly impossible to get the website back up and running. In the past, people have discovered that it's easier to start over from scratch in those instances. Again, you have more important things to worry about than figuring out how to get picked up by a search engine or how to avoid being banished forever from the internet. That's why it's often much more beneficial to have someone doing it for you.

Solar Leads Will Begin Contacting You

After your website is up and running and starting to rank, you will soon have visitors coming to your page. They will see your name as one of the first on their search results, and those are the ones that people trust. Even if the company is brand new if it's ranked highly in Google, for some reason people want the one in the first place.


You will have a contact form on your page where customers that have located you can input their personal information. Then, as soon as they hit submit, you will get an email notifying you that you have a homeowner interested in solar energy. You can have it set up so those details come right to your cell phone if you want. That way, you can call them before they have a chance to go anywhere else. That's it! That's how you get the best solar lead generation for your business. 

Continue Growing Together with Your Solar Lead Generation Partners!

When it comes to methods for solar lead generation, you have two options:


  • Buy leads from a solar lead vendor
  • Create your own website and obtain your own solar leads


You can buy your leads from a solar lead vendor if you want instant work and you don't mind paying top-dollar for the best ones. There's no question that you can likely run your business off of that method alone for quite some time. The problem with buying solar leads is that you don't know what you're going to get. It's a gamble every time you hand over your money. Besides, each time you run out of the leads you purchased, you're looking for another vendor to buy from. Essentially, you're starting over again, which is a waste of time.


In almost every case, having your own website to generate unique solar leads that are genuinely your own is the best method. If you have the time, knowledge, and ability to do so, you can do the work yourself, but it's not easy to figure out. Instead of taking college courses on how to build your online presence and get to the number one spot on search engine results, you can just turn the efforts over to a trusted solar lead generation company like LeadsForward to handle it for you. 


The best part about working with someone else is that once you've started, your relationship is forever. Your website will continually be updated and modified to ensure you stay at the top and that the solar leads keep coming in. It might take longer to get started, but once you start seeing results, you'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner.

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