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"I have used leads forward to build my business and Devin and Trevor have done an absolutely amazing job I could not say enough good about how professional they are and the results. If I could give 10 Stars I would!"
– Ramy Melo, owner of WaterMate, LLC

The Truth About
Water Damage Leads

Whether you're looking to purchase water damage leads from a third party or build your own brand, marketing a water damage company and capturing prospective customers takes resources. Therefore, it is important to diversify your marketing budget into categories that generate both immediate and long term results. In other words, you need to invest in getting customers now to keep your business running, but also long-term strategies that will generate more water damage leads over time at a lower cost per-lead. That's where we come in.
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1. Water Damage Lead Strategy

How to get started

Unlike other lead generation companies for water damage leads, we prioritize organic strategies that are much better for long-term growth. To do this successfully, the first step is to start with two fundamental building blocks: highly engaging and optimized web content and a solid link-building strategy that strengthens your site over time.
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Simply start here

This is the most important step, and it starts immediately when you schedule a demo request. We want to meet you, understand what makes your company unique, and ensure that our model for water damage lead generation fits with your market.
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Your site build out

After we've gathered your company information and you're fully on board, the next step is designing and building your water damage lead machine. Our team will work with you every step of the way.
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2. Launching your Campaign

Let's get those leads

Over the next few weeks, your new water damage leads will trickle down the pipeline. Depending on your market population and local competition level, individual results may vary slightly. There is simply no substitute for time when generating high quality, organic leads. Note, we also provide assistance with PPC campaigns and other "getting customers now" strategies.
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Your personal CRM

We will provide you with access to a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform for tracking your inbound water damage leads. You'll also receive custom notifications in real-time so you won't miss a beat.
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The best integrations

As traffic increases on your website, we set up industry-standard integration applications that measure performance, including Google analytics and Google search console.
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3. More water damage Leads

Increase your Presence

Now that your site is getting consistent leads, it's time to go full blast. We're never content with just being on the first page of Google. We want you to be #1. Getting there involves adding new content to the site, building & maintaining a positive online reputation, increasing your conversion rate.
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Get customers engaged

Being at the top of the search engine results for relevant keywords is great, but unless your website is built to convert water damage leads into paying customers, it's all for naught. Our platform is designed for conversions on all fronts.
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Organic results that last

Search engines are smart and will know if you are trying to game the system. When scaling your water damage lead campaign, we only implement the most cutting-edge, natural SEO techniques.
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4. Grow you Business

What's the next step?

We firmly believe there is no limit to the amount of online attention an individual or business can receive. Therefore, this step is entirely up to you. If you are content dominating your local search, fine. If you want to dominate your state or even become a national brand, great! Let's get there together & blow up the contractor job leads in your niche.
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Expanding your service areas

We totally understand that getting out of your comfort zone can be scary. With us as your marketing gurus, the challenge of taking on a new market can become fun. We're very interested in learning where you see yourself in 5 years!
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Commitment to your business

Every one of our lead generation and SEO clients are part of the LeadsForward family. We take care of our family by committing fully to your business, offering strategies for maintaining your existing customer volume and increasing your reach.
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Some FAQs About Our Water Damage Leads

We are super excited about generating the best leads for your water damage company, but we understand you may have some questions...

Q. Are your Leads Exclusive

YES, 100% Exclusive

Our water damage lead generation strategies ONLY generate exclusive leads. Our lead generation websites can be branded to match your existing site, or unbranded for a completely different look and feel. Regardless, the leads from the site are directed straight to your personal CRM platform, and nowhere else.
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What is an exclusive lead?

An exclusive water damage lead is generated when a prospective customer reaches out directly to a service provider. Our lead generation sites simply act as an extension of your business.
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Are your leads high quality?

Yes, the highest quality leads are generated when a prospective customer reaches out directly via a website they found organically. That's exactly what are our lead generation formula is built for.
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Q. Are your Leads Qualified

YES, they are!

Whether we are building a lead generation website, providing SEO for your site, running PPC campaigns through Google Adwords or Facebook, our water damage lead generation campaigns all produce qualified water damage leads.
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Why are qualified leads better?

Qualified leads are better than non-qualified leads because the customer has actually reached out to your business, and is usually expecting to receive a response of some kind.
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What is a qualified lead?

A qualified lead is a potential customer who has willfully submitted personally identifying information in exchange for information about a service.
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Why We Produce Leads For Water Damage Contractors And Other Home Services

We've discovered a problem in your industry. That is, many honest, hardworking business owners are throwing their money away, paying for junk leads that are often passed around like a piece of meat. This is simply not fair to your business or your customers, and that's why we are committed to generating exclusive leads for contractors in the home services industry.

Our Vision

About Leadsforward

We're a marketing firm that stands out from the rest. Why? Because we believe in creating incentives that are directly proportionally with how well we're doing on your water damage lead generation campaign. Try finding another company who is as obsessed with results as we are.
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Pricing that makes sense

Our pricing models are designed to be affordable. Simply pay a small one-time setup fee, and then a price per qualified lead that is reasonable.
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Niche focused

Our bread and butter is the home services industry, which includes water damage restoration companies. We believe that focusing on specific industries allows us to be the best in that space.
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Dominate your market and scale your contractor business

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