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Experience how LeadsForward Connect simplifies tasks, enriches communications, and boosts lead conversion. Our all-in-one platform is tailored for contractors, offering tools and automation to grow your business. Discover these benefits with our free 14-day trial.
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Includes 14-day free trial!
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Custom LeadsForward Connect CRM Setup ($5,000 value!)

Complete sales pipeline setup

2-way text/email conversations

Calendar & online scheduling

Opportunities pipeline

Forms & Surveys

SMS & Email communication

Web Chat widget

Reputation Management

Missed Call Text

Social Media Messaging


Includes 14-day free trial!
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Everything from Standard

SMS & Email Templates

Workflow automation

Social Planner & automation

Online sales Funnels

Email Marketing

All Reporting



Includes 14-day free trial!
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Everything from Professional

1 hr BIWEEKLY CRM training/customization calls

Invoicing & online payments

Proposals & Estimates

Marketing Campaigns

Trigger Links




Affiliate Manager

"LeadsForward Connect has been a game-changer for my roofing business. It streamlined my lead management, client communication, and appointment scheduling all in one place. Quality leads are now coming in steadily, and the automated follow-ups mean I don't miss out on potential business. It's made running my business simpler and more efficient, letting me focus on roofing rather than admin. A real lifesaver!"
– Brian Hardy, United Better Homes

Discover The Power Of LeadsForward Connect

Welcome to LeadsForward Connect, the future of CRM designed to transform your business. Tailored for your unique needs, it offers a comprehensive toolset for superior efficiency and engagement. More than a CRM, it's a transformation in how you connect and grow. Enjoy seamless integration on desktop and mobile with our convenient app, keeping you connected anytime, anywhere. Start with a risk-free 14-day free trial to experience all these features and see the difference for yourself.

Seamless Communication

Engage in real-time conversations with your clients directly from the platform.

Integrate Google My Business messaging and track calls for comprehensive communication management.

Connect with customers on your website or through social media platforms instantly.

Automatically send a text message to missed calls, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Marketing and Sales

Execute targeted email campaigns and plan your social media strategy within a unified platform.

Design custom sales funnels and campaigns to guide potential customers through your sales process.

Manage your affiliate programs, tracking performance and commissions effortlessly.

Productivity and Management

Keep track of your schedule and manage sales opportunities with integrated calendars.

Automate business processes and manage memberships to enhance operational efficiency.

Centralize customer data for easy access and generate detailed reports to inform business decisions.

Engagement and Reputation

Monitor and manage your online reputation across different platforms.

Build and engage with your community through integrated blogging and forum tools.

Gutenburg design blocks

Financial Tools

Offer your customers a convenient payment option right from their mobile devices.

Generate and send professional invoices and estimates with ease.

Additional Tools

Collect valuable customer feedback and data with customizable forms and surveys.

Save time with pre-designed templates for your text and email communications.

Quickly create professional proposals and estimates to streamline your sales process.

A Look Inside...

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