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No matter who you serve, SEO consulting works!

Are you a local digital marketing agency struggling to get results for your client? Or are you a client trying to build a business website that delivers dependable, quality leads? When you receive our local SEO consulting services, you will no longer be in the dark because we take the time to mentor you about creating high-quality, lead potential for your website to blow up your business.

Trevor is not only professional in all aspects of how he conducts his business, but also truly can bring BIG results to you and your business.

– Michael Peterson

How this works

You have your niche and we have ours. Over the last 10 years, the internet and more specifically Google, changed rapidly. Now, it's more important than ever to align yourself with someone who knows the exact changes in Google’s algorithms and which adjustments are critical to make for your site to function at its full potential.

Step 1: The Learning Phase

The first step is purchasing a 1 or 2 hour deep dive consulting call with Trevor or Devon, co-owners of LeadsForward and the leading experts in local lead generation, SEO and sales. After this initial call, you can choose to proceed with ongoing local SEO consulting services or take what you've learned and go implement it on the fly. After scheduling your call, you will submit a short questionnaire so we can take the time to do some homework on your online presence and begin determining the best ways to help your business grow.
**PLEASE NOTE: The longer the session, the more ground we can cover!

Increase online exposure

Identifying key channels you might be  missing in your approach.

Where you're leaving money behind

Examine where you are leaving money on the table & low hanging fruit opportunities.

How to build your online presence

Increase sales, grow revenue, and generate profit.

Increase leads and conversions

Show you how your website, social media profiles, and data centers should be setup.

Review your sales process

Understand your CRM and customer follow up to ensure you are not leaving any stone unturned, and so much more!

Eliminate, optimize, and automate

Show you how to increase efficiency across your marketing channels
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Step 2: Meeting your Marketing & Sales Consultant

After our initial call, and you decide to move forward with our ongoing consulting service, you will then meet with one of our expert local SEO and Lead Generation consultants. They will take the time to meet you and get to know more about you and your business, you goals, KPIs and begin to formalize a strategy to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. We will present detailed reports covering factors including:

Website improvement

How can your website itself be improved and what issues are present that may be preventing Google from ranking you higher. Our lead generation company will look at both technical SEO as well as recommended on page changes to increase conversions.

Off page SEO

How your off page SEO is affecting the health of your website. Backlinks, citations, site mentions and social profiles are all extremely important for your rankings. Our local SEO consulting firm will take a look at your entire business presence online to determine what changes should be made.

Other lead sources

What other lead sources do you have that need to be improved? Maybe you would benefit from ranking higher in Google My Business, Yelp or even Bing. We look at all sources that would be beneficial to increase your current website into a lead generation machine.

More marketing outlets

What other marketing channels should you be tapping into or improving on?

Foundational pieces

What KEY foundational pieces need to be in place immediately to track, analyze and optimize your online activities in order to increase conversions and revenue

Decision making

Help you determine how to make DATA DRIVEN decision vs. shooting from the hip

Building funnels

Showing you how to build customer funnels from awareness to evaluation to conversion to get you results.

Complete integration

Show you exactly how to integrate, automate and optimize your sales process to increase efficiency, productivity and sales. MARKETING & SALES MUST JOIN FORCES!
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Step 3: Time to Take Action!

Our bread and butter is sending great businesses exclusive, qualified leads using our powerful and highly effective lead generation system where we target and capture local leads who are actively searching for your products and services and ready to buy.

Convenient scheduling

Ready to set a time and date for your consulting call? Get started now by scheduling a time convenient for you.

Get in touch

Although we're super passionate about lead generation & SEO, we're also easy-going. We're waiting for your call!
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