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Are you a local digital marketing agency struggling to get results for your client? Or are you a client trying to build a business website that delivers dependable, quality leads? When you receive our local SEO consulting services, you will no longer be in the dark because we take the time to mentor you about creating high-quality, lead potential for your website to blow up your business.

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You have your niche and we certainly have ours. Over the last 10 years, the internet and more specifically Google, changed rapidly. Now, it is more important than ever to align yourself with someone who knows the exact changes in Google’s algorithms and which adjustments are critical to make for your site to function at its full potential.
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How our Local SEO Consultant Services Work


Step 1: The Learning Phase

When you schedule a meeting with our local SEO consulting firm, a professional search engine consultant begins their deep dive into your website’s inner workings. We also analyze off-page factors that are affecting your local business website, including google my business, yelp or whichever lead sources you find most valuable. We are not simply organic SEO consultants, or WordPress SEO consultants. However, our Leads Forward approach requires a more holistic view and an all around more comprehensive analysis of your business online, which will make your website perform better for you and your clients.


Step 2: Meeting Your Local SEO Consultant

During our meeting, one of the Agency Owners and expert local SEO consultants will take the time to meet and get to know about you and your business. We will present detailed reports covering factors including:

1. How can your website itself be improved and what issues are present that may be preventing Google from ranking you higher. We will look at both technical SEO as well as recommended on page changes to increase conversions.

2. How your off page SEO is affecting the health of your website. Backlinks, citations, site mentions and social profiles are all extremely important for your rankings. Our SEO consulting firm will take a look at your entire business presence online to determine what changes should be made.

3. What other lead sources do you have that need to be improved? Maybe you would benefit from ranking higher in Google My Business, Yelp or even Bing. We look at all sources that would be beneficial to increase your current website into a lead machine.


Step 3: Time to Take Action!

Implementation of all of our recommendations is up to you and your team. For this reason, it is not advised for you to take this consultation unless you yourself know how to make high-level changes to your website, or have colleagues to put this plan into action. Leads Forward will never waste your time. We will first and foremost recommend the easiest and quickest fixes that will have the biggest impact on your company and its online performance.

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